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Orbital Ceramics

Rigid Ceramic Insulation

Lightweight thermal ceramic protection for your research/development and production needs. We manufacture machine, coat, process and ship ready-for-installation-thermal ceramic tiles for aircraft, launch and re-entry vehicles, satellites, space stations and probes.

Rigid Ceramic Insulation Lightweight Thermal Ceramic Protection

Rigid Ceramic Insulation (RCI) is a sintered fibrous composite foam material for high temperature applications, thermal shock resistance and rigid structure. RCI materials consist of high purity fused silica, alumina and aluminoborosilicate fibers or boron powder. Billets are manufactured to individual customer requirements for varied strength and thermal expansion in sizes and densities to meet your needs.


  • Extremely low thermal conductivity
  • Range of densities available 8 to 22 pfc
  • Resistant to thermal shock
  • Low thermal expansion, tailorable from 1.2 to 3.7 uin/in degrees F
  • Low dielectric constant
  • Multiple billet sizes available
  • Machined to complex shapes
  • Can be densified and coated with a variety of durability hardness coating materials and waterproofing


RCI is ideal for engine exhaust nozzles and forward-facing surfaces (as on the space shuttle) subjected to severe thermal environments. RCI can be used as a secondary “tile” treatment to protect the substructure from thermal exposure or used as a structural load bearing foam in a CMC wrap/sandwich structure. Density can be tailored to meet requirements of the application.

Available Types

RCI is made using Forrest Machining Inc’s Orbital Ceramics (FMI/OC) casting tower process in varied sizes for customer flexibility in choosing size and thickness of billets. RCI is made using FMI/OC process specifications as licensed by NASA under the Space Act Agreement.

  • AETB Alumina Enhanced Thermal Barrier Density: 8lb to 16lb
  • OCTB Orbital Ceramics Thermal Barrier Density: 8lb to 22lb
  • Please Note, our FMI-OCTB formula has not been flight tested
  • FRCI Fibrous Composite Insulation Density: 8lb to 16lb


FMI/OC billets available in compositions tailored to meet your requirements. Mutual research and development programs with FMI/OC materials and process engineers for billet manufacturing. 3 and 5 axis machining to complex forms, durability coatings and processing ready-to-install are available to meet your critical scheduling and proprietary requirements. Solid modeling, CAD/CAM and Catia programming for CNC machining, tensile strength, thermal conductivity/expansion and radiographic inspection. Densification and hardness coating, waterproofing, packaging, and shipping.