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FMI Aerostructures - The Leader in Critical Structures for the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Founded in 1978, FMI Aerostructures is a leading provider of critical structural components and assemblies for the aerospace and defense industry. With 230,000 square feet under roof and over 130 available spindles, including 31 large bed multi-spindle gantries, FMI Aerostructures is one of the largest independent A&D manufacturing businesses in North America. We specialize in hard metal components, large aluminum structures, and complex assemblies and are proud to serve key A&D customers such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, PPG Aerospace, Spirit Aerosystems, Blue Origin and many more. With over 240 employees, our full service capabilities include complex machining, large part capability, state of the art NC programming, engineering support, advanced assembly, benching, forming, drilling and more.

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